MCI Education Consultants are more than just an educational consultancy firm. With our reliable services, our motto is to educate people and making dreams come true. We have partied with many top international institutions which not only aspire students in Pakistan but all over the world.

MCI Education Consultants is the pioneer of setting the bar of Academic counseling for Pakistani and international students up to the mark of international standards. We have excellent services provided by the outstanding professional which not only help you or your child achieve the highest positions in renowned universities and institutions but also providing students the best ways to get their destination.

Our team provides the following remarkable services for the students who wish to study abroad:

Academic counseling

MCI Education Consultants have a complete range of Academic counseling which students can choose from. We have professional student counselor and education counselor who not only keep in mind your Academic requirements but also help you in career counseling.  We help our students to select the best and suitable courses, appropriate Universities and institutions and right study visas according to their qualification, academics and funding. We make sure that the best options come out which meets the students need and fulfill their demands at the same time.

We always believe in the realistic approach, and instead of taking every case and making the processing fee, we carefully select the right candidates and process their admission process. That is why our acceptance rate is up to 95% where the money of students is secured, and they also know that they will get admission in their desired institutions.

We carefully access the educational background, marks, previous institutes and interest of the students before proceeding to the admission process and list down the suitable educational institutions and courses for them. We also make a detailed budget for each course which includes the admission, processing, visa and tuition fees for each institute. We also provide all the details of scholarships so that students can apply for that before going for the regular study fees. That is why we have a huge number of success stories associated with many students who have to establish their career with our professional guidance and counseling.

We also understand the requirement of today’s fast pace life and students abroad seeking for counselors. Therefore, we also provide customized online counseling services anywhere in the world. MCI Education Consultants also provide A to Z consultancy services from giving our clients the best and complete step by step Academic counseling to the study visa guidance.

Many students and parents may also ask what is counseling and why do we need it?

The concept of Academic Counseling is not quite popular in Pakistan, but internationally it is an essential step which helps the students in selecting their universities, colleges, and institutes. Other than that it also allows them to apply in top institutions through proper channel. It saves lots of money and time of students and institutions as well.

Admission to international universities

While many students and parents find difficult to apply in the best universities, MCI Education Consultants are here to rescue. Most students think that they can apply in any university by themselves and will get an instant reply as well but most of them apply without proper research and since they have lack of complete information their precious years and time gets wasted. Also, many student counselors may promise services like international studies, scholarships for international students and best universities to study abroad but they usually fail to do so, and students end up in wasting their time and money. Therefore FM Consultant makes sure that students will get not only the best quality educational consultancy but also admission in top universities and institutions of the world.

If you wish to get admission in foreign universities for Pakistani students, admission in Canada for international students or answers of how to get admission in foreign university for post-graduation, how to get admission in foreign universities after FSC or 12th, how to apply for university in Canada for international students we have all the answers under one roof.